Every year, we look for innovative new concepts to meet all requests.
This year we propose 4 new themes.

This year, we will offer you an anthology of carnivals from all over the world in the alleys
of the Brussels Holiday Fair! Since its creation, Carnival is a popular institution, an exceptional moment
in many countries of the world where many prohibitions can be braved. Get ready to swing on exotic
and varied sounds and introduce to our visitors your own folklore!

Where should we go? A week in the sun? Maybe a nice boat trip? Or do you prefer a walk
in the open air and beautiful nature? What’s for sure is that those 4 nature elements will be present
all over the Holiday Fair… Come and discover the elements of your next holiday…


A safari? Or rather a hotel, a bungalow or a campsite? Rather luxury or a discovery of mother nature?
Together with your children or would they prefer to participate in immersion courses or summer camps?
Making the right choice is a real adventure and this adventure starts with your input at the Brussels Holiday Fair.
Inspire our visitors with programs and destinations for children, families and groups!
Our objective? A world tour of animations and cultural discoveries! Let our visitors discover…

Time is running out and what was unthinkable 30 years ago is highly topical today.
What are the future developments that we are going to experience in tourism? Well, that's
what we will try to introduce to our visitors in the TRAVEL TOMORROW area!
Are you a Start-Up with the idea of the century that will redefine tourism?
Or are you a blogger who inspires millions of fans? Let us know and share your vision
of the future to more than 100,000 travellers!